As with all good things must come to an end. The Official Space: 1999 novel company has called it quits.

If you have any of the Powys Media Space: 1999 novels or Omnibus books, consider yourself a very lucky person. On August 10th of 2023, Mateo Latosa (one of the founding members of Powys Media) made the somber announcement that the Space: 1999 novels are no longer available as their ITV license ended.

Space: 1999 titles under the Powys Media badge were established May 2002. Most of the later editions (and re-releases) were published through on-demand service From 2014 to 2019, author William Latham (the other half of Powys Media) took over from Mateo.

All the releases were in paperback format only, until 2017’s 2nd edition of Survival which was also released in hardback. The covers feature photographic montages and, in later editions, amazing art by Ken Scott.

Most of the books have a shared continuity, the “Powysverse”, documented in the 2012 title “The Powysverse Compendium” by Patricia T. Sokol. The chronology includes the episodes (included in the Year 1 and Year 2 omnibus books), original novels and short stories. Existing episode novelizations and original books by Tubb and Rankine were adapted to fit the continuity.

Fans wree excited that there were two books are not included in the chronology, each re-published titles: “Earthfall” (2022), “Earthbound” (2022); the planned but never released compilation “Apocrypha!” would have been an awesome addition to the library. The covers have slightly different designs (a different Eagle, yellow logo) and spine colors (one “Powysverse” book does have a non-black spine, “Phoenix of Megaron”(2012)).

There were two extremely limited edition audiobooks: version of the Resurrection title was recorded by Barry Morse in early 2004 and was released 7 May 2010. The audiobook of Spider’s Web was released 8 November 2010.

Branding was rather unique but kept with the classic Pocket Books design by leveraging an “Eagle 2″ 44” original shooting model and originally was upside-down shot. The shot was cleaned up for the usage for the Powysverse books.

I would like to take this moment to thank Mateo for being a very small part of the Powys Media participation. It was always my ambition to promote their company on my platforms to get the word out on various releases since around the 2014 timeframe as social media was mainstream by this point. One of the titles that holds near and dear to me was the “The Whispering Sea” authored by John Kenneth Muir. I got the opportunity to actually interview him about his story, and his Space: 1999 involvement. Throughout the year since, Mateo has given me the latitude to produce some promotional works for the social media pages that we leveraged. I’m sorry that we are coming to the end of the Space: 1999 lineup, but a heartfelt “thank you” for allowing me to help out. It was a huge honor. I hope it helped. Godspeed, Mateo and Bill to your future endeavors.

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  1. End of an era! Does this indicate that Anderson is going to be licensing someone else for novelizations?

    I had just started into the Powys Media books, sadly. I presume I will be searching for others on the aftermarket.

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