I’ve heard all too often that you cannot have too many Eagles. Well, guess what? It’s happening again. Another amazing Eagle kit from Round2/MPC division. Actually, we are getting two new kits very soon. Another spectacular addition to the 1/72 scale line will be the Lab Pod w/ Spine Booster Eagle kit (from the episode “The Metamorph”) and a long overdue dedicated Moonbuggy/Amphicat ATV kit at the 1/24 scale. In this article, Jamie Hood of Round 2 provided the marketing sample of the Eagle 4 kit for review and the box opening.

Round2’s MPC division has been cranking out the Space: 1999 kits since 2014. They started with the repops of the original 1970’s kits (with some updates/upgrades) minus the Hawk kit (apparently the original tooling could not be located). In 2016 we got to see their first accurate offering (and very large 1/48 scale edition) of the Eagle Transporter. Since, they have produced the other two variants (the Lab edition and the Cargo Winch edition) with really good success as model kits go. Folks love the Eagle and keep buying them. We love them so much, MPC produced not one, not two, but three (so far) pre-built Eagles that are nothing less than spectacular for that non-builder.

Decals, special add on kits, special edition kits, repops and the new kits; MPC’s lineup of amazing Space: 1999 merch since 2014.

In 2018, MPC went in a different direction and started a smaller scale line starting with the Hawk (infinitely more accurate than the original). The second release was the 1/72 Eagle Transporter kit. Two inches longer than the original classic kit and, again, much more accurate. The 1/72 line provides a kit building/collecting experience at a more affordable price point while maintaining its accuracy (let alone its awesomeness).

The original Wonderfest 2022 announcement and the final kit.

In line with this scale range is the next Eagle (arguably the most prized and popular) kit known as “Eagle 4” from the Space: 1999 season two episode “The Metamorph”. It was the only time you got to see a Lab Pod Eagle assigned with an additional strap on booster (better known as the spine booster). Originally announced at Wonderfest 2022 in Louisville, Kentucky, we’ve been waiting ever so patiently to see what the great team at MPC were coming up with.

The first and the latest Eagle kits from MPC. The box art and the details of the Eagle 4 kit never disappoint. We have come a long way since the first kit.

In the 1/48 kit, you had to purchase a spine booster kit separately to build the “whole ensemble” Eagle 4 and that got to be quite pricey. Adding the amazing aluminum thruster kit to the whole build would reach almost $300 price point, but would make for an amazing build for your collection. This 1/72 Eagle 4 kit is including the spine booster with the kit. The price point of this new kit will be $68.99. There are no plans for an aluminum thruster upgrade set at this time. One thing of note, the details of the “Eagle 4″ 14″ kit will be details from the original production shooting 44″ Eagle One. Not Eagle two like the Lab Pod Eagle 22” Kit that you see below.

Scale comparison of the 22″ Lab Eagle (Harold Wholf Sr. builder) with the 14″ Eagle Transporter (Rick Robinson builder).
Package size difference.

MPC’s Space: 1999 senior designer, Jamie Hood, has not only been overseeing this line of kits since 2014, but he is also responsible for all of the amazing box art used on all of these kits since the 22” Eagle release. As you have already seen from some of the social media posts that I have shared, that the box art is another example of his extreme high-quality detail (almost worthy of framing) showing off the Eagle escaping the planet Psychon just right before its destruction we all remember of that season premier episode around the September 1976 timeframe. Ah, good times.

The box design photographs of the Eagle details/decal placement/action shots were taken by one of Jamie’s engineers Jim Small of Small Art Works. Jim has been involved since the 1999 line was reenergized and has not only engineered these kits, but has also did the model building for the action shots. These build ups were also used at the different exhibits to show off the product line. Below are photos of the 14″ and the 22″ Eagle kits referenced from his article: https://smallartworks.substack.com/p/some-random-build-ups Not to add to the confusion of Eagle one with Eagle 2 details, but he used an Eagle 1 detailed 22″ Eagle for these shots along with his 1/48 scale lab pod and spine booster. Looks like he has a cute audience on his workbench.

The decal sheet is quite extensive and very screen accurate to give the builder the potential to produce one of the best Eagle displays available. Another highlight to this his is the Eagle prop stand itself. This gives the builder to pose the Eagle in any action shot. It’s very important to get that retro shot that Brian Johnson managed to get from the promotional shots he captured.

Since the landing gear “feet” are not operational like it’s larger 22” brother, just like the Transporter kit, the builder will have the option to show off the Eagle in a flying or landed “stance” which is a pretty big deal to collectors. The instruction sheet is stellar, displayed well and easy enough for the novice builder to understand.

You will absolutely love the kit overall. You won’t get a more accurate Eagle at this scale anywhere else. The MPC team has really done a remarkable job at providing the fan/builder/collector/gawker the absolute best quality display possible. Especially at this price point.

The spine booster has been improved with added detail that was apparently “missing” from the 22” Eagle kit counterpart. Obviously, the builder will have the option to either use or not use the included spine booster since there were a number of episodes (and at the end credits of every episode) was just the Eagle with Lab Pod throughout both seasons. Another item to note is that this kit has the updated engine “ring” (used in production to push the R12 refrigerant through the thrusters)

The Moonbuggy kit is essentially the 1/24 scale vehicle from the now discontinued Area 2 diorama kit. For the first time, MPC is taking the 1999 license and capitalizing on the kit and the small addition will be you, as the builder, will have the choice to either build the Moonbuggy as seen on the show or to build the factory Amphicat. It even comes with the motor build for display. Fans have wanted this kit to begin with instead of the George Barris modded Moonscope car as “The Alien” vehicle. The Moonbuggy kit is long overdue.

These two kits mark the 25th and 26th MPC Space: 1999 products released since 2014 (#27 will be the announced 22” Cargo Winch Eagle kit being rereleased due to popular demand). Jamie hasn’t ran out of ideas, yet, and quite frankly, there are a number of kits he wants to produce at the 1/48 scale in the coming years. What would be your choice of the “next kit”? A laser tank set? The Swift? How about the Ultra Probe? There are a lot of ships to choose from out of Space: 1999. But the bottom line really comes down to what would really sell.

So far, the Hawk and Eagle have provided a nice track record to expand the line that we have been enjoying for about 8 years now. A lot more than the original run of just four kits over a two-year period. That says a lot. And a huge thank you, Jamie, for your support! Make sure you visit http://round2corp.com for all the current information on their amazing Space: 1999 kits (as well as everything else).

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