The second Space: 1999 episode in production, there were a number of additional promotional photo shoots that were done with a number of photos that were rarely seen since those production days.

We’ve all seen the episode. It’s really another one of those episodes whether you love or hate it. There is some serious MUF (mysterious unknown force) in this episode and perhaps it is our first experience with it past being blown out of the Earth’s orbit. One of the first four episodes in full swing production, MoLaD was showcased as very “Alpha-esque” and also got the opportunity to create one of the awesome weird worlds we’d get to encounter along with the Alphans. No, not the pinnacle as Piri but it is up there. Parrots and all. If you love Eagle shots, this is a great episode for you. Brian Johnson was really putting on his thinking cap for some of the shots in this episode.

Out of the gate were some absolutely amazing and fully lit shots of Main Mission (to include the Commander’s office area) just gleaming with detail very pleasing to the eye. Although already showcased in Breakaway, MoLaD seemed to capture even more of a well lit Alpha atmosphere bring us as the viewer “on board” living life right there with them. The cinematography was absolutely amazing. It sure didn’t hurt to see the Network UK remasters in all of its glory. Willey: “Direction and cinematography especially noteworthy; unusual camera angles and wide, expansive panoramas are characteristic of Charles Crichton.”

As with several Year 1 episodes, there were a number of unused footage from the “this episode” sequences. In the world of video taping/LDs/DVDs, we fans get the opportunity to see a vast number of these little secrets (unintended easter eggs) and chat about them (pretty much like what I’m doing, here). In addition, I believe this was the only episode that utilized some Futura book (vice Blk) font for Rudi Gernreich’s name from a print used for both the US LD and the J2 VHS 4 volume set. Lord only knows how some of these mistakes happen, but I would assume that it was a hand-me-down print from the alternate title sequence of the alternate main title theme and credits. There’s some serious useless information for you.

Whilley: “Hollins College is a private university for women in Virginia. It has a long established international study programme in London and Paris. In January 1974, the chair of the college Theatre Arts Department, Professor Thomas R Atkins, took a group of students to the set of Space: 1999 during the filming of MoLaD. He was accompanied by his wife and fellow acting teacher Mary Ellen O’Brien. An article by them was published in the magazine Cinefantastique – Volume 4, No. 4, 1975. Atkins was editor and publisher of “The Film Journal”. He edited the book Science Fiction Films, published in 1976 by Simon & Schuster. In 1997 both he and O’Brien appeared in the cast of the film Night Orchid, directed and written by their son Mark Atkins.”

Lights, camera, action! Third assistant director Roy Button operates the clapperboard.

During production of the Terra Nova landing party, there were a number of promo photo opps that were needed to further promote the overall television show. Yup, I think that is orange juice both the good Commander and Doctor are indulging in. If you managed to obtain the early 2010 Blu Ray sets on either side of the pond, there were a plethora of amazing BTS and promotional stills to gawk into eternity. What was your favorite sequence of this storyline?

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  1. Great analogy of this episode Gordon. My Favourite clip from the Episode was when Dr Mathias after the scuffle with Lee Russell, hits an alert button on his Commlock and it sends off an Alarm. Never get to see that again on the show.

  2. Another fantastic article..
    So many new pixx and interesting information. And Ahh yess the parrots! Lol
    Gordon your insight is wonderful and love all of these brilliant articles you put together for us 😊

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