Perhaps what should have been in the first place, Round2/MPC Corporation just delivered the Moonbuggy Kit.

This kit was announced at the 2022 Wonderfest event in Louisville, KY. Round 2/MPC have produced a many Space: 1999 kits, this being #26th Space: 1999 product that MPC has produced since 2014. At 3.25 inches / 8.2 cm long, this is a reworked version of the larger buggy that featured in the Nuclear Waste Disposal Area 2 diorama set (MPC 860/06, 2017). It includes additional engine details, and expanded decals, and can also be made as a original Amphicat.

The Nuclear Waste Disposal Area 2 Diorama Set was taken off the market just after a couple of years due to lackluster sales to begin with. Actually, all three of the “Breakaway” kits were removed off the market not long after their release (the 22″ Cargo Winch Eagle, the Canister kit set and the Area 2 Kit). Releasing the Moonbuggy this go around was actually a no-brainer since the tooling was already created and a kit could easily be produced minimizing production costs.

Us collectors/builders have been very fortunate to see the line of amazing Space: 1999 kits at different scales for the past 8 years and the plans are not over, as of yet. MPC also announced a rerelease of the 22″ Cargo Winch Eagle (Freighter) due to popular demand later this year.

The box art is crafted by non other than Jamie Hood, once again. The box space is not wasted (as with all of the others since the beginning of this line) and the technical & color details do not disappoint. Even the decal sheet is, once again, stellar as it was before. The size of the box front is identical to the 1/72 Hawk kit but not quite as deep.

Looks to be a very simple build with minimal paint. As indicated, you can either go with the Space: 1999 Moonbuggy or an original Amphicat ATV build overlapping two different interests. A nice Alpha Moonbuggy build would display nicely next to your 44″ Eagle since it is a 1/24 scale ATV.

Quite frankly, it’s about time the Moonbuggy gets its own kit. Small vindication from the release and re-release of the Alien kit, which is perhaps one of the most questioned Space: 1999 merchandise items made where folks just asked “why?”. I suppose it seemed like a great idea at the time and to be honest, in the 60’s & 70’s it was quite common for companies to come up with somewhat relevant merch for the masses. Just reference my November 2022 article of the weirdest Space: 1999 goodies out there (

And to close, I’m very happy that Round2/MPC didn’t associate the Moonbuggy kit with another popular franchise out there. I am also glad they produced a new tooling mold for the Amphicat. But, this doesn’t change the fact that you, the builder/collector, can take things into your own hands to build some famous creations of your own. Just say’in.

Items to note: there are some really detailed articles on the engineering and building of this awesome little kit by E. James Small of Small Art Works. Both he and Dan Prud’homme have contributed in the production of this kit. You can reach them here:

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  1. If I were running Round 2, the kit would also be available (Separately) as the Banana Splits variants, simply because the tooling is done, and new decals and the characters would be all that was needed. More mileage and money out of a what began as a Space:1999 kit! That’s got to be a good thing for them and would be a boost for future Space:1999 releases. I know while some would kringe, the Amcat was all over the place in 70s TV and Movies (Sleeper for example).

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