What is it that you desire in the next line of 1999 action figures? Here is a look at some interesting custom creations that might get the attention of some big company like Mego. Hint-hint…

Long gone are the three main lines of figures (aside from the non-standard figures that Sixteen12 Collectibles had just released this past year or Big Chief Studios ranges) from Mattel, Palitoy and even Classic Television Toys in the mid-2000’s. With the serious resurgence of the Mego lines across a large catalog of television shows, classic movies, etc., there has been thoughts of “perhaps there should be an updated Space: 1999 line”. Let’s face it, Mattel got it all wrong with their figures leveraging “The Sunshine Family” and at nine inches is really not much of a standard, unless they were trying to corner the market with this and the Welcome Back Kotter line. The Palitoy line didn’t include Russell or Bergman (and what was up with calling Koenig “Captain”?) but the 5 they did release was pretty uber cool. And the real good “swing and a miss” with the Classic TV Toys (CTVT) line. Yes, five sets of four figures each was not a bad beginning, nice uniforms (for the most part) was part of the ensemble, good cards, good head sculpts, and good added characters. But, aside from those great features, the serious downside to these figures were bad plastics and some of the material (especially the belts) disintegrated right before your eyes just a few years in storage. Most of the bodies cannot survive just staying in the package and break apart very easily. The ladies boots also cracked and I’m not including all of the issues with these figures overall.

Original Palitoy collection photo by Ian Nelmes

Let’s face it, the most sought after set is the Palitoy UK set by far. Not only did it fall in line with the Mego 8″ standard (well, they were Megos, after all), not only were they hard to get (especially mint in the package), but they are just really cool to have in your collection. Anytime they come up on eBay lately, they command a very nice premium.

The Mattel line.
Classic TV Toys Collection to include the three main special edition figures for specific stores. Photo by Ian Nelmes.

With the resurgence of the Mego lines across the television/movie spectrum, it was nice to see newly produced Star Trek, Planet of the Apes and a slew of other figures across their catalogs showing up in places like Wal Mart, Target and specialty stores. They even put out mail order only special edition figures of these lines. Well, perhaps it is high time to see some newly produced (and much better quality) figures from Space: 1999. I’m thinking that the sky is the limit with some interesting ideas that have come to fruition already on Facebook and other social media platforms. Some folks are getting pretty savvy and clever with some of their ideas with some really nice custom produced figures that would surely send fans to the stores or order online quickly.

Some early customs from the mid 2000 timeframe by Ian Nelmes.

One fan took it upon himself to create a number of show scenes as table centerpieces for one of the dinner banquets at one of the Gerry Anderson conventions in the mid 2000’s. There probably have been others that made a custom 1999 figure, but Ian brought this to light via social media setting the stage for others to follow.

David Bolter’s custom collection.

Fast forward to the mid-20teens and you find a gentleman by the name of David Bolter taking his Space: 1999 customs to the next level. By this time, CTVT had dropped the Space: 1999 license but had a lot of old inventory still available (even to this day). Bolter worked with a local seamstress and came up with some amazing creations such as the “Death’s Other Dominion” Alphan snowsuit collection and some nicely sourced material for several Year 2 Jackets.

The Charlton Comic Magazine #2 Special Edition 2-Pack. Customs by David Bolter and art compilation by Nick Macarty.

After the Space: 1999 Breakaway: 2019 convention where there was a nice display of fully customized figures that David Bolter had on display in the exhibit, there was further interest in producing full productions with not only single figure ranges, but to arrange two and four pack special editions. Mixing and matching various ideas, there were a number of excellent examples that were created. The new collaboration team now consists of David Bolter, Nick Macarty, Diana Campisi and Gordon Moriguchi. CTVT store produces & sell plastic clam packages to indulge into a full spectrum of incorporating classic artwork, the newest computer technology and customized figures creating some very interesting ensembles that collectors would go after. With the above 2 pack, the actual Mattel Koenig material was used to craft Helena’s uniform. Her head was also a 3rd party custom.

Another Charlton Comic Mag influence is this four pack leveraging the original Palitoy Koenig and Carter Heads, the CTVT Bergman head as well as the CTVT Carter pilot suits/air packs/helmets and of course grabbing Russell’s Mattel head for the final grouping. Bolter put the ensemble together while Nacarty incoporated the artwork from the 3rd edition magazine and some Mattel artwork to complete the package. Both the 2 & 4 pack clams graphic real estate is 11″x14″ for easy production.
Another four pack idea was this “Retro Mattel” special edition. This time utilizing the Mego 8″ Standard size while tailoring the original Mattel uniforms for the Mego sized figures. To include the Zython (an actual Big Jim Nocton head, but close enough). All the customs were completed by Bolter and the artwork (taken from the unreleased Mattel Alpha Crew prototype to give it an original and unique touch) compiled by Macarty.
Some amazing customs single packages by David Bolter. The single package design was by Ian Nelmes.

There are no limits to what you can come up with and to stay relatively within the cannon of the show. Part two will focus on the furthering of the ideas that various folks have some up with. What Alphan or alien would you like to see produced?

Original Palitoy, Seance Spectre custom and Year 2 custom Koenig’s.

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